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Omi would have written more but his player got too emo he ran out of barrier time.

Letters to Ken, Francescu, Momoko, Swift, Buffy and Kon, and Tatsumi under the cutCollapse )
Yet another ripoff sheep meme.

Comment here and find out what my characters fantasize about you, if they do. Tell me who you play or it will so never happen.
So. Truth or dare?

((Let's assume camp actually EXISTS since we're auing anyway))
Thanks to Cescu for taking a beta look.

TabletopCollapse )
Omi dropped into the chair across from Xander. "Talk about old school," he said. "Are you stoned?"

"I'm not stoned!" Xander said, lobbing a piece of popcorn at him. “It’s nostalgia. What’s wrong with a little blast from the past, anyway?”

“You just had a crush on Smurfette.” Omi grabbed for the popcorn.

Xander handed it over, grinning. “Lies.”

Omi hummed cheerfully to himself, and turned to Francescu. “Hey, you want--”

Francescu was staring dully at the television.

“No.” Xander said. “No freakin’ way. I’ve been as open-minded at this as the next guy. I’ve accepted Anne of Green Gables, the entire DC Universe, and some girl from a cartoon where people pull swords out of hot girls’ chests. But are you seriously telling me--”

Francescu’s face was white now, and his mouth was moving, but no sound was coming out. “Their song,” he finally whispered. “I remember--”

“Okay, I’m with you,” Omi said to Xander, and turned off the television.
Or, yet another essay on why this works.Collapse )
Francescu wakes from a nightmare, grabbing at power.

He pauses while reality floods back into his consciousness; no attackers, no threats, just a quiet, steady sobbing from the other room. His experience tells him it is another nightmare. Ken is murmuring something, gently, but Omi continues to cry.

Francescu sits up and hugs his knees. Ken is there, he thinks. They will be fine.

But the sobbing continues. He hesitates as he gets out of bed; as he stands at the doorway of Ken's bedroom; at the edge of the bed, with two figures just visible in the light making its way through the curtain.

But he sits. "Omi," he says, as gently as he can.

Omi's hand reaches out and pulls him into the bed, so suddenly and violently he is shocked. Omi murmurs something unintelligible and throws his arms around Francescu. Francescu reaches out tentatively and strokes Omi's hair.

"Thank you," Omi whispers to him.

Ken puts a hand on Francescu's shoulder, and Francescu shifts closer to them both, tightening his embrace.

"Thanks," Ken whispers, and Francescu nods his head. When he knows Omi's asleep he moves to rise; Ken's hand stops him. "He'll want you to stay."

"All right," Francescu says, taking Ken's fingers in his.
Ken and Francescu, for FrancescuCollapse )

Rin and Omi, for RinCollapse )
Haru-mun asked me a couple of things the other night which got me thinking, which, of course, is always dangerous.

It's been well over a year since Omi arrived in camp and since the death of Russel Tringham, both of which were pretty significant events, and the long-term implications of that are finally coming home to Omi and showing up in how I play him. Add to that Ken's arrival and the changes in their relationship and...well, time to essay.

And so I essay.Collapse )

Hot threesome ahoy!Collapse )
Kaza/Rikuou/Sanzo, NC-17, thanks to the muns for the first lookCollapse )