Omi Tsukiyono's Camp Diary

No matter what, I want to keep believing

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Hi! My name's Tsukinyono Omi. I'm a florist from Japan. My hobbies include strategy games and archery.


Please note: This is a roleplaying journal for campfuckudie. Sadly, Omi is not real.

Spoiler-laden background, for those who care: As a child, Omi (real name Takatori Mamoru) was kidnapped and held for ransom, which his father refused to pay. His uncle rescued him and trained him to be an assassin. When the first Weiss Kreuz series, Kapitel, begins, Tsukiyono Omi is scarily happy and well-adjusted for being a florist by day and assassin by night, with only a nagging amnesia problem to trouble him. The series does its best to destroy this:

--Omi kills both his brothers, one of whom turns into a weird, psychotic tentacle monster before finally biting it.
--He's pretty much responsible for his father's death too.
--His uncle dies in his arms (we, the audience, know he's really Omi's dad, but that's a whole 'nother story).
--His more-or-less girlfriend, Ouka, turns out to be his half-sister (really she's his cousin, again, long story), and then she dies in his arms.
--The amnesia, which was covering up that whole traumatic kidnapping thing, goes away.

Later in Weiss continuity, Omi takes back his real name and becomes a grey-haired, calculating magnificent bastard, but he's not gone quite so far when he lands at Campfuckudie.

Feel free, of course, to torment him about any of this.